National City Puppy Guarantee

Our Puppy Guarantee

When you adopt a puppy from National City Puppy, our relationship does not end with the delivery of your healthy puppy. 

While we do our absolute best to raise 100% healthy puppies the fact is that puppies are living creatures just like us and sometimes we can get sick. However, we take preventative measures to minimize common ailments in puppies. A puppy’s health depends on many factors such as diet, exercise, environment, genetics and many other factors, but if something goes wrong we guarantee to try to make it right. Of course we may never be able to guarantee that nothing will happen to a puppy but we will always continue to strive and guarantee that we are doing our best to get you the puppy of your dreams happy and healthy.

Our puppies are from  reputable sources and we’ve set strict requirements for who we partner with. All puppies have their health checked by a licensed veterinarian with up to date vaccinations and proper de-worming. Additionally we ask the new puppy owners to take your new puppy to the vet within 3 days after receiving their puppy to ensure your puppy is healthy.

12 Year Puppy Furever Guarantee

A lifetime puppy guarantee is 12 years. In some breeds 12 years is longer than their average life expectancy, and thus the warranty is set for that period. Although your puppy is not replaceable, we feel that getting another friend will help in the healing process. If the puppy dies due to genetics, or if the puppy has a congenital or hereditary disorder(s) (within one year) which causes the puppy to die, your puppy will be replaced with a comparable puppy of equal or lesser value with no expense to you. The cause of death will need to be certified by a licensed pathologist. In the unfortunate passing of a puppy occurs, due to genetics, after one year of the puppies birth date, a credit will be issued for the amount of 50% of the original cost towards your next puppy of equivalent dollar value, within four months. Again the cause of death will need to be certified by a licensed pathologist.

What You Are Required To Do

There is no better feeling than to deliver a cute furry bundle of joy to our customers. We want to keep you and your puppy happy by asking you to take a few precautionary measures to ensure your puppy is healthy and will live a long happy life.

Here’s what you should do:

  • Take your puppy to the vet within three business days.
  • After the exam retain a copy of the exams results or medical record. If the puppy is not taken to the vet within three days of receiving the puppy it will void the guarantee. A licensed vet must do the exam.
  • The puppy will come with up-to-date shots, so make sure you do not give an additional vaccine to your puppy within the first ten days unless otherwise instructed by your vet.
  • You will need to provide proof of the daily healthcare and maintenance of your puppy dog, which would include vaccinations and exams.
  • The puppy will arrive with appropriate shots and de-worming.
  • It is the new owners’ responsibility to continue proper de-worming and to take your puppy for monthly exams up to the age of 16 weeks or more as recommended by the vet.

The Exceptions To The Lifetime Guarantee

  • We will not guarantee the personality of the puppy, any breed conformity, the size and weight, the color, the markings or the breeding ability of the pup.
  • Heart murmurs grades 1 or 2 pose no threat to your puppy and is not covered under this guarantee. These grades of murmurs are usually transient as your puppy is still a baby and its entire organism is still developing. We do cover hip dysplasia for one year
  • If you cannot show proof of your puppy’s regular veterinary care and or timely vaccinations, this will void the guarantee.
  • This guarantee will not cover spaying or neutering or undescended testes.
  • This 12-year guarantee will not cover vet costs.
  • The HPPI medical warranty does cover genetic, hereditary illnesses or deformities within one year or any viral disease within 20 days. Some exceptions apply.

Help With Vet Bills From Our Vet Bills Guarantee

Easily in the hundreds and sometimes in the thousands of dollars, average vet bills are on the rise. Our Vet Bills Guarantee is a big reason why our customers love us. This guarantee offers help with vet bills if they are incurred for common puppy ailments such as respiratory illnesses and normal puppy parasites when reported within 15 days. This guarantee also covers vet bill costs for up to 1 year on possible genetic health defects such as hip dysplasia, patella issues, heart, lung, kidney, and other genetic defects. Although major ailments in our puppies are uncommon a reimbursement of up to 100% of the price of the puppy is made with a valid claim. We appreciate our customers and care about each puppy which is the reason why we offer this program for a one-time nominal fee of  $149.95 at checkout

We appreciate our customers and care about each and every puppy.
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