How To File A Claim


What does the Warranty Program provide?

It provides reimbursement for veterinary expenses for Illnesses that are attributable to the pet retailer that are diagnosed within 15 days of purchase, and hereditary/congenital disabilities, which affects the general health of the pet, excluding dental that are diagnosed within one year of purchase.

Does the Warranty cover illnesses such as Kennel Cough, upper respiratory, pneumonia, Parvo, Distemper, etc.?

Yes, all illnesses that are attributed to the pet retailer.

What symptoms should I be aware of concerning the health of my pet?

Coughing, runny nose, vomiting and/or loose stools are the more common signs. Should they occur, please contact your veterinarian. Always provide and monitor the consumption of food and water for your pet.

What is the Initial Exam and does the Warranty cover this?

The Initial Exam is the first visit to a veterinarian after the sale. The Warranty does not cover the Initial Exam.

I just had the Initial Exam completed, now what?

Keep the paperwork for the Initial Exam with your Warranty Contract in a safe place so you can copy them and submit them along with your claim to the Administrator should you have a claim(s).

Does the Warranty cover routine procedures, such as vaccinations and/or elective surgeries?

No, The Warranty ONLY provides for veterinary expenses for Illness related procedures and/or hereditary/congenital defects that affect the general health of the pet, excluding dental.

What do I send to the claims Administrator once I have a claim?

You need to send copies of the Warranty Contract, Initial Exam, and the itemized veterinary bill.PLEASE make sure that the itemized veterinary bill identifies the pet, procedures taken and a diagnosis is included from the treating veterinarian.

Is there a time limitation for claims? When should I expect payment for my claim?

Yes, you have 60 days from the date of service to submit a claim to the Administrator and once received, the processing time for the first claim varies depending on the claim. If there are additional claims, the process is quicker. The Administrator does not send confirmation of receipt of your claim. If you do not receive anything or hear from the Administrator within 4 to 6 weeks, please contact the Administrator directly,

Does the Warranty cover special foods, vitamins or specialized shampoos?


Does the Warranty cover accidents or trauma?


1. Make a copy of documents listed below (keep a copy for your records:

A) Your Warranty Contract

B) Initial Exam/Diagnosis Letter

C) Itemized veterinary bill

2. Mail the documents to:

Household Pet Protection, Inc.

PO Box 461480

Aurora, CO 80046


PLEASE make sure that the itemized veterinary bill identifies the pet, procedures taken and a diagnosis is included from the treating veterinarian.