How to successfully integrate your Golden retriever puppies in a new environment


How to successfully integrate your Golden retriever puppies in a new environment

The Golden Retriever puppies for adoption in Los Angeles are a great option for pet lovers looking to add a new dog to their family. There are some basic things that you need to do before bringing the puppy home, such as getting a new crate, dishes, beds, and even toys, as these items should not be shared. But it is not always possible to tell whether the integration has been successful until some time has passed.

After a few weeks, it is not unusual for your Golden Retriever to exhibit new behaviors that are different from when you first spotted him on sale in Los Angeles.

Why does your new dog’s behavior suddenly change?

For a pet owner, it seems like the temperament of your Golden Retriever suddenly changes, and the new personality is not always delightful. For instance, a pet that was previously timid and obedient may suddenly become aggressive and obnoxious, and start attacking other animals in the house. When your new dog refuses to respond to cues, the new attitude can be attributed to the signals that your family gave him in those first days and weeks when he came home.

If you notice your puppy behaving differently from the relationship you established at first, it is usually because of your pet’s response to the adjustments that he has had to make. Everything that your puppy was used to has suddenly changed. The result is that your puppy shuts down (a little or a lot) as he tries to take in and establish himself in the new environment.

Dogs also tend to change depending on the cues and signals first given by their owners about their new environment. For instance, if you don’t set any limits on the behaviors of your new pet, he will probably assume that he’s free to do as he likes, and is in charge. Fortunately, you can train your Golden Retriever puppy to behave appropriately and obey boundaries.

How to correct bad behavior patterns

The best way to make the transition period smooth for your new pet is by creating a strict and sustainable plan that goes into play the instant he comes home. Starting with lax rules and then changing them later will only strain the relationship you’re building by adding to the feelings of instability and confusion that your pet is currently feeling.

As you shop for a Golden Retriever puppy in Los Angeles, also create a plan to implement as soon as he gets home. Ensure that feeding, walks, and play times are adequately scheduled and predictable and that any behavior expectations are enforced immediately. Dogs prefer predictable and stable environments because they associate them with their survival and safety.

Lastly, help your new pet understand the behaviors that you condone and those you don’t like. Besides telling a puppy “No,” also guide them towards what they should do instead so they can learn.

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